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Linking smart grids to sustainability
Smarter, greener power grids require smarter, greener power. Prysmian Group has years of experience in delivery high-voltage underground and submarine cables, helping major utilities transmit and distribute power more sustainably and more effectively to their customers.

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Westernlink (UK)

Scotland/England – 600 kV DC, 400 km.

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Long Island/New Jersey – 500 kV DC, 105 km

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Basslink (Australia)

Victoria/Tasmania – 400 kV DC, 300 km

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HVAC & inter-array connections of onshore wind parks

(Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark) up to 132 kV AC

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Phu Quoc Island connection (Vietnam)

Phu Quoc/Vietnam Mainland – 110 kV AC – 58 km

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Messina Straits Crossing (Italy)

Sicily/Italy Mainland – 380 kV AC, 43.5 km

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Hudson Transmission Project (USA)

New Jersey/Manhattan – 345 kV AC, 13 km

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ROMULO (Spain)

Spain mainland/Mallorca – 250 kV DC, 250 km

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TransBay Cable (USA)

San Francisco, California – 200 kV DC, 85 km

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Doha Bay Crossing Project (Qatar)

Doha, Qatar – 220 kV AC, 10 km

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SA.PE.I. (Italy)

Sardinia/Italy Mainland – 500 kV DC, 434 km

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GCCIA (Middle East)

Saudi Arabia/Bahrain – 400 kV AC, 51 km

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