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Unused Infinity and Olsent-branded electrical cables were recalled and their supply prohibited in Queensland in 2013 after they failed to meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality plastic insulation coating.


The ACCC has now negotiated a national recall of cable that has already been installed in buildings in order to prevent these cables from causing electric shocks or fires in the future.

Builders and electrical contractors in Queensland - if you have records of Infinity and Olsent-branded cable you have purchased and where it has been installed, you should contact affected consumers to tell them about the recall and their rights.

If you do not have this information, you should still be prepared for customers contacting you with concerns about Infinity and Olsent-branded cable.

The costs of the recall are being covered by the suppliers and they are making arrangements for work to be done by electrical contractors of their own choosing. Electricians should therefore contact the supplier before doing any work that they hope to be reimbursed for.

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