YES: Your Employee Shares

YES: Your Employee Shares

One company. One initiative. Open to everyone

Inspired, committed and passionate people helped make us the world leader we are today. We want to incentivise our employees to keep achieving great results for the company, and reward them with a tangible share in our success.

That’s why we launched the Your Employee Shares (YES) plan across 28 countries in 2013, a long-term stock ownership option for our about 21,000 staff worldwide.

The popularity of YES has been so great that it has been extended for another three years, bringing more people into the scheme and boosting the internal perception of Prysmian as ‘One Company’.YES has met with interest and approval from a number of international funds who have invested in the company.

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Key facts about the YES plan

  • Prysmian shares are available to employees for purchase at a preferential rate (a discount of up to 25% on the market price)
  • Up to eight free shares will be awarded to each participating employee on enrolment in the scheme
  • The plan is structured into annual tranches, with the goal of 1-2% share capital to be owned by employees
  • Shares may not be sold for 36 months following purchase
  • Minimum investment required is €100

Our goal is for 1% of the company to be owned by our employees with the possibility of that rising to 5-10% in the future.


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“The aim of the plan is to further strengthen the engagement and loyalty of the entire workforce by all sharing the same commitment to creating value and achieving the business goals.”


Valerio Battista

Chief Executive Officer

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A strong start for YES

In the first three years, over 44% of our employees (that’s 7,400) in 28 countries have become investors. That equals an investment of around €17.5 million.

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