Middle East: King Abdullah Economic City chooses VertiCasaXS

Prysmian and contractor ACES have successfully taken on a project at King Abdullah Economic City. This 173 km² city is being developed as part of an ambitious program to place Saudi Arabia among the world’s top ten investment destinations.

Middle East: King Abdullah Economic City chooses VertiCasaXS

Quick, efficient, cost-effective and future-proof total solution
A 41 floor building is being equipped with 314 optical network terminations, an average of eight terminations per floor, requiring an estimated 952 splices. All splitters are located in the building basement, in a sizeable system of racks and sub-racks. Unused fibres inside the Riser Boxes can be used for future connections. The internal network can even be transformed into a P2P (Point-To Point) network from the basement to the OLTs.

Realising this installation quickly and efficiently has been made possible by VertiCasa™, a breakthrough innovation which allows easier fibre access to buildings. VertiCasa™ has been designed specifically to bring optical fibre directly to high-rise apartments and offices.

New optical cable concept
The system’s new optical cable construction concept makes fibre access and breakout remarkably easy, even without specialised tools and labour. VertiCasa™ comprises all the accessories and connectivity products necessary to complete the full installation from main fibre distribution point, usually in the basement, through to the end user.

Prysmian is proud to add such a prestigious project to its portfolio, along with recent successes in the Middle East with leading telecommunications corporation Etisalat in the UAE and at the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.