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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Cutting-edge cable solutions with safety at their core

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

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We’re always innovating to bring our customers the most technologically advanced solutions in the field of energy and telecommunications. Characterised by their high quality and sustainability, they are produced to the most stringent safety standards and all boast compliance with European CPR directives.

CPR – meeting the requirements

CPR covers any cable product that is intended for use in construction works, and is subject to performance requirements on reaction and/or resistance to fire.

The Date of Applicability for this harmonised standard was June 10, 2016. The end of the co-existence period is set for July 1, 2017.

Before placing a product on the market, manufacturers now have a legal obligation to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP), which identifies the product, and details its intended use and reaction to fire performance characteristics.

Notified product certification bodies and notified testing laboratories shall be involved in this process.

Products placed on the market are required to carry the CE marking and the Class of Performance on the product label.

Most of the new obligations under the CPR fall on manufacturers; however importers and distributors will also play an important role as they are required to take appropriate measures to ensure that they market only CPR-compliant products.

Supporting our customers with their CPR obligations

For customers, it’s essential that the buying process remains as easy as it is today. To ensure this, it’s crucial the initial stage of CPR introduction is properly supported.

For years, Prysmian has been investing in higher value-added products, developing a full range of high performance cables that are fully compliant with the requirements of CPR in each European country.

We stand ready to support our customers during the delicate transition period to the new standard by providing the required capabilities for fire testing, product positioning and materials development.

Each cable we produce comes with a DoP and carries the CE marking to confirm its compliance with fire resistance regulations set out in the standard EN 50575:2014+A1:2016.

Spreading the word

But we go further than what’s expected of us. CPR is key to enhancing people’s safety, so we spread the key messages of the new EU Construction Products Regulation, ensuring the proper level of CPR understanding by our business partners. We also facilitate understanding amongst employees and customers about the importance of CE-marking products.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Construction Products Regulation

EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) covers any cable products intended to be incorporated in construction works (Fix Installation), including both buildings and civil engineering works and subject to performance requirementrs on reaction and/or resistance to fire. The application date for CPR for cables is July 1ST 2016.

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CPR - Prysmian leading the way to safety

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