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UCCONNECT Category 8 cables

UC<sup>CONNECT</sup> Category 8 cables

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Today’s network infrastructure is an essential link to information-rich, interactive services.

It is fundamental to the efficiency of your network and the profitability of your business.

But with these increased communication volumes comes increased pressure on data centres and, in particular, the challenge of providing data-centre infrastructure capacity without a degradation of service.

In response, cabling standards are evolving in an attempt to keep pace with the rising capacity demands. In July 2012, industry representatives decided that a copper cable – capable of handling 40 Gb/s of data – was worth developing. Now, less than three years after that declaration, a Category 8,40 Gb copper twisted pair cable has been launched as part of Prysmian’s Universal Cabling (UC) Connect System.

The new Category 8 screen-foiled twisted pair cable is available in two options – an installation cable and a patch cable:

  • Installation cable. An outside diameter of 8.5 mm and an installed bending radius of 68 mm.
  • Patch cable. Thinner, with an outside diameter of 6.0 mm and a shorter installed bending radius of 48 mm.

Both cable options incorporate four twisted cable pairs, screened using aluminium-laminated plastic foil. This overall cable assemblage is then encased in a copper-braided tinned screen, surrounded by a low smoke, halogen-free sheath.

The construction of our UCCONNECTpatch and installation cables ensures they deliver a data transmission performance of up to 2 GHz – four times the bandwidth of Category 6A cables – and meet significantly higher alien crosstalk requirements.

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